Architectual & Operational Financial Feasibility Analyses

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  • Build-A-Spa™, is a joint effort between Reinhard Bergel and Skip Williams, a financial planner and spreadsheet expert familiar with Spa operations.

  • Build-A-Spa™, is a unique service designed to assist potential owners and owners of a Spa Therapy operations, to project costs of construction and operation of a Spa facility, as well as projected revenue and profit.

  • Build-A-Spa™, is unlike your typical Profit and Loss type Analysis, it is designed of Expense and Revenue "Modules" so that extensive "what-ifs" can be calculated both within a module and for the entire facility point of view.

  • Build-A-Spa™,
    (click on image to see enlarged view)

  • Build-A-Spa™,
    modules allows for modification of square foot requirements, set-up costs such as equipment and fixtures, and day to day costs such as supplies, utilities and staff hours.

  • Build-A-Spa™,
    summaries allows for modification of amount and mix of financial modules, square foot construction cost, rent and amortization.

  • Build-A-Spa™,
    provides a comprehensive profit & loss report, return on investment, and Break-Even Analysis for each financial module as well as the entire facility complete with graphical chartss.

  • Build-A-Spa™, is available on a consulting basis, a typical evaluation package is priced at 75 US cents per square foot min US$750. If you would like to have us "run some numbers" for you please contact us today.

  • It will be interesting and our pleasure to serve you.


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Build-A-Spa™ Pricing

Thank you for considering H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development and Build-A-Spa™ for your Project.
We have put many years of work into developing this Financial Model called Build-A-Spa™.

While it is possible for anyone with a Computer, Financial and Spa expertise to employ the principles taught here-in to make one's own Build-A-Spa, we don't believe you could do it for the cost of our consulting package.

Couple Build-A-Spa™ with our experience and knowledge in Spa Development and you have a winning team on your side as you head into your new project.

For only $1.00 per square foot we will put together a complete financial Spa package.

Projects over 2000 square feet should consider an "on site" evaluation for the same price plus expenses.

H-e-a-t. Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development

PO Box 1066 Bonita Ca 91908 USA
Tel 619-498-1968
Fax 619-414-1373

Still unsure?

Promet presentation 2008 (Powerpoint Presentation Demo)
Promet Presentation 2008 (PDF)

Please download and check out our Free Demo of Build-A-Spa™
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 » demo no Sound(~1.2MB)

Or contact Dr Bergel, email ( him with your questions and/or phone number.