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Spa Kur Therapy Development Education & Training
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National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork


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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company's various seminars, workshops, lectures; our training supporting workbooks, publications and videos, and educational library.

Textbook of Lymphology, Foeldi MD                                      Spa Encyclopedia Dr R Bergel & Hannelore Leavy 

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Dr Reinhard Bergel & Hannelore Leavy  A Guide to Treatments & Their Benefits for Health & Healing



I am constantly researching and developing new materials in order to assist you in your business and therapeutic endeavors.

  • On-Site Training Available

  • from Dr Reinhard Rolf Bergel


It is my goal to provide an intensive education and training in the theory and practical application of Spa Kur Therapy.

The training content follows standards in Spa Kur Therapy based on clinical research and applications set by the International Society of Medical Hydrology ISMH Rheumatology Mineral Water Drinking Climatology Balneo Dermatology, the German Society of Balneology and Kur Therapy, American Physical Therapy Association and many more other organizations promoting wellness program procedures based on ongoing clinical research.
Upon completion of this training we are confident that you will return to successful clinical practice in Spa Kur Therapy.