Lymphology: Training Instructional Courses

Manual & Instrumental Lymphdrainage (MLD & ILD) Compression Physiotherapy (CPT)


It is my goal to provide an intensive education and training in the theory and practical application of Compression Physiotherapy (CPT), including 
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD),
Instrumental Lymph Drainage (ILD),
Compression Bandaging,
Compression Garment Fitting,
Remedial Exercise and
Skin care.

The training content follows the world wide accepted standards and consensus of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF LYMPHOLOGY (ISL) in THE TREATMENT OF PERIPHERAL LYMPHEDEMA

(ISL Consensus Documents on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Lymphedema,

as well as on clinical research and applications set by: Foeldi-MD, Asdonk-MD, Kubik-MD, Vodder, Hutschenreuther, MD, Mislin, MD, et al.

Upon completion of the training I am confident that you will return to successful clinical practice in Manual & Instrumental Lymph drainage as well as in Compression Physio Therapy (CPT), with measurable results.

Sincerely yours
Dr Reinhard R Bergel
H-e-a-t (Health-enhancement-accessories-training Inc)
Spa Kur Therapy Development