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ParaffinMudBar for hot Paraffin Pack

completely odorless easy to work with and reusable


(10 Bars@ 1 kg each in Box)



Spinal Parafango Pack



Parafango is a mixture of "volcanic mineral ash" mixed with paraffin.

Parafango Bars when melted in the G 2040 Heater Stir Unit(40 kg capacity) are completely odorless when melted, easy to work with and reusable since the perspiration does not penetrate the Parafango Pack mixture.

Parafango G 2040 Heater Stir Unit automatically sterilizes (100 Celsius, 212 Fahrenheit). 

Parafango retains its application temperature (60 Celsius, 140 Fahrenheit) for nearly 1 hour.

Parafango does not stick to body hair and skin; the client is completely clean after removing the pack.

Parafango Bars are melted in the G2015-15 liter PrepUnit, as well as in the G2040-40 liter Heater Stir Unit, and kept heated for immediate application in theG 2000 TI Heater Store Unit, poured onto the melting resistant plastic sheet (see above) and applied to specific body area (back,abdomen,neck,shoulder,leg,arm,hand).

Dilation of blood vessels, tissue hyperemia and increased blood flow are among the most important results.

During the Parafango treatment the client experiences overall deep heat and relaxation.

Parafango therapy is the deepest localized heat treatments available, replacing traditional messy hot packs commonly used.

Parafango treatment is considered the optimal thermal therapy in combination with any soft connective tissue and chronic joint pain treatment.

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