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Gehwol is one of the most popular and trusted companies on the foot care products market today. Gehwol is translated from German as "WALK WELL". The company was founded almost 130 years ago, and since then continues to develop and supply the highest quality products. Many professional spas across the world use Gehwol as a number 1 choice for foot and leg care.

The Gehwol foot care lines are based on natural ingredients and extracts to provide maximum health benefits and maintain well-being of the feet. Whether you have healthy feet and simply want to keep them in great shape, or tired, sweaty or cold feet, cracked skin or foot odour – you can find a great solution for every problem here.  

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Tired & Painful

Burning & Aching

Cracks & Fissures

GEHWOL - against tired and painful feet Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Fusskraft Green Gerlachs Cream Gerlachs Cream Extra 
GEHWOL - against burning feet  Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Fusskraft Mint 
GEHWOL - against cracks and fissures Med Salve for Cracked Skin Fusskraft Blue Herbal Bath Herbal Lotion Med Lipidro Cream 


Foot Odor

Hard Skin & Callusses

Fungus & Athlete's Foot

GEHWOL - against foot odor Med Deodorant Cream Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Gehwol Foot Powder Med Lipidro Cream 
GEHWOL - against hard skin and callusses Med Salve for Cracked Skin Fusskraft Blue Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Med Lipidro Cream 
GEHWOL - against fungus and Athlete's foot  Med Protective Nail and Skin Cream / Oil Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Gehwol Foot Powder Med Lipidro Cream


Foot Perspiration

Cold Feet


GEHWOL - against foot perspiration Fusskraft Green Fusskraft Blue Fusskraft Mint Herbal Lotion Herbal Bath Gehwol Foot Powder 
GEHWOL - against cold feet Warming Bath Fusskraft Red Rich Rosemary Bath Salt 
GEHWOL - against corns Callus Softener Callus Jelly 


Brittle Nails

GEHWOL - against blisters Gerlachs Cream Gerlachs Cream Extra 
GEHWOL - against brittle nails Brittle Nails Cream Extra 

Foot Reflexology Massage Disinfectant

Emulsion Foot Lotion Fusskraft Blue Herbal Lotion Med Lipidro Cream 


Gehwol - all natural professional foot care  









with GEHWOL's all natural footcare product line.

GEHWOL's specially formulated ingredients, preserve and maintain the well-being of the feet. Contain high concentrations of essential oils of pine, rosemary, lavender.  

 The Power of nature for healthy feet

The majority of ingredients in Gehwol products are of natural origin. Prized herbs such as mountain pine, rosemary, thyme and lavender release their full power in the finest essential oils. These, combined with emollient fats and oils of natural origin, as well as lanolin, and special ingredients such as allantoin (an active ingredient from horse-chestnut), bisabolol (an ingredient of chamomile) and panthenol, make up the highly effective Gehwol product.

The select composition, thorough quality control and high-standard of hygiene guarantee the highest standards of quality right across the Gehwol line.


Gehwol Active Ingredients

Algae Extracts: Promote circulation, vitalizes the skin and prevents wrinkles. Postively influences the moisture balance of the skin, calluses become smoother.

Allantoin: An ingredient of Horse Chestnut that promotes healing.

Farnesol: Known as a natural deodrant without side-effects.

Hamamelis Extract: Strengthens blood vessels and has a styptic effect.

Ginger Extract: Provides warmth for the feet by stimulating the thermal nerves.

Chamomille Based Ingredients: Promote healing and have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.

Camphor: Promotes circulation and metabolism.

Manuka Oil: The oil from the leaves of the Manuka Bush, known for its tart odour, has proven itself in dermatological tests, to be very appropriate for foot-care, due to its caring effects on the skin and its broad spectrum effect against bacteria and fungi.

Menthol: Has a cooling, refreshing, deodorising, anti-pruritic and bactericidal effect.

Panthenol: Provitamin B5 accelerates celluar growth.

Paprika extracts: Stimulate the thermo-receptors of the skin, causing a warming sensation.

Sanothorn Oil: has a caring and regenerating effect on the skin and acts as a general anti-inflammatory.

Urea: Due to its special skin caring properties it has been to great effect in medical and cosmetic preparations. This highly compatible substance, which is produced by the body itself, has a bactericidal and antipruritic effect.

Vitamin E Acetate: Protects the skin against premature ageing. 

Vitamin E Nictotinate: Promotes circulation in the skin.

Zinc Oxide: Is a well tried active ingredient for the care of sensitive skin, with antimicrobial, slightly styptic and skin protecting effects.


Natural Essential Oils

Mountain Pine Oil: revitalizing and refreshing with a disinfecting and deodorising effect.

Critonella Oil: Has a strong antiseptic, refreshing, stimulating and healing effect.

Eucalyptus Oil: Increases actively, is antiseptic and promotes wound healing.

Lavendar Oil: Has a soothing effect, promotes healing and gives comfort.

Mint Oil: Has a cooling and refreshing effect, is antimicrobal, antipruritic, antispasmodic and tonicising.

Rosemary Oil: Activates and promotes circulation. Antibacterial.

Thyme Oil: Strong disinfecting effect, increases activity.












GEHWOL is the classic foot care series. It offers the entire bandwidth of effective modern care. For everyone who wants to do something nice for their feet and legs.



GEHWOL MED. For stubborn foot and nail problems. The especially effective series of preparations has long proven itself in practice.




GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT. has been the exclusive foot care series for professional foot care providers for more than 45 years. It offers the right solution for every foot problem





Fusskraft Herbal Bath 10 kg 22 lb


Fusskraft Herbal Bath 400 gram - 14.1 oz


Fusskraft Herbal Lotion 150 ml - 5.3 oz



Fusskraft Herbal Lotion 500 ml - 17.6 oz


Fusskraft Mint 75 ml - 2.6 oz


Fusskraft Mint 500 ml - 17.6 oz



Fusskraft Leg Vitality 125 ml - 4.4 oz


Fusskraft Leg Vitality 500 ml - 17.6 oz


Leg Vitality Balm 125 ml



Leg Vitality Balm w/pump 500 ml


Rosemary Bath Salt 25 ml - .88 oz - 10 units


Rosemary Bath Salt 1000 gr - 35 oz



Fusskraft Green 500 ml - 17.6


Fusskraft Green 75 ml - 2.6 oz


Foot Cream (Universal) 75 ml - 2.6 oz



Foot Cream 75 ml - 2.6 oz


Callus Softener Foam 500 ml - 17.6 oz


Med Lipidro Cream 500 ml - 17.6 oz



Med Lipidro Cream 75 ml - 2.6 oz


Footpowder 100 gr - 3.5 oz


Med Protective Nail/Skin Cream 15 ml



Med Protective Nail/Skin Oil 15 ml


Med Salve for Cracked Skin 500 ml - 17.6 oz w/pump


Med Salve for Cracked Skin 75 ml - 2.6 oz



Fusskraft Blue 75 ml - 2.6 oz


Fusskraft Bamboo Peeling Scrub 150 ml


Disinfectant Lotion 500 ml - 17.6 floz



Fusskraft Caring Foot Spray 150 ml


Fusskraft Warming Bath 150 ml - 5.3 oz


Fusskraft Red Rich Refill 450 ml



med Nail Softener 15 ml - .5 oz