Solidea Silver Wave Long Legging- Size M Black


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For a slim, toned, and healthy lower body, guiltlessly indulge in the luxurious Silver Wave Leggings. The secret? The patented three-dimensional waves knit into the fabric. During wear, this unique design exerts a micromassage on the skin that stimulates cutaneous capillary circulation impaired by cellulite, preventing swelling (edemas) of the legs and favoring elimination of excess liquids. The active micromassage generated by the fabric leaves light furrows in the skin, a sign of its draining efficiency. These disappear after a few hours leaving skin smooth. Perfect for the gym or everyday wear

-Patented, micromassaging fabric boosts circulation

-Temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite

-Bacteriostatic fibers are power-packed with silver ions

-Keeps skin clean, dry, and healthy

-Graduated compression helps energize legs

-Breathable cotton gusset and flat seams designed for comfort

-Material: 80% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 2% Cotton

-Made in Italy by Solidea