Pneumatron 200S 110V 220V


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he demands made on therapists are increasing all the time.

More and more clients make greater demands and expect fast and effective treatment that is also gentle and free of side effects.

A few years ago, painful or stressful applications and methods were accepted for “a cure at any price”, but these days many patients expect treatment procedures to be gentle but effective.

Therapies no longer use any means to effect a cure; the real target cure has to be integrated and achieved without stress.

This realization has been fully taken into account in the development of thePNEUMATRON 200®.

The Pneumatron 200 S has a unique deep action, which ensures its therapeutic usefulness for various medical and cosmetic indications.

  • Pneumatic pulsation treatment - PPT 200 Impulse / Minute
  • The apparatus is lightweight and easily transportable, so it is also suited for home visits.

  • The intensity can be gradually adjusted and it has inbuilt timer control and overheating protector.

Standard equipment:

  • 1 individual tube with five different acrylic glass bells (15, 20, 37, 50, 67 mm), 1 silicon bell (13 cm), 2-year guarantee.