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Alkaline Stockings provide effective body cleansing through the feet and calves

Our feet are our “auxiliary kidneys.” The body transports acids and toxins into the calves and feet which is why our feet and calves occasionally itch, burn or hurt and our ankles and feet swell.

Fungi, which live in and from acids and toxins, can appear on our toes and nails.

AlkaStockings consist of one inner pair made of 100% cotton and one outer pair made of virgin wool. Before wearing, the inner stockings are soaked in an alkaline solution, wrung out and put on while still damp. The dry outer stockings are then put on over the damp pair.Wear alkaline stockings at night or during the day as often as possible or use them as alkaline sleeves to be sure to remove acids and toxins from your body each and every night.

Recommendation for wearing: 1 teaspoon AlkaBath per liter of water for AlkalineStockings.

ALKASTOCKINGS are suitable during all rest phases. Alkaline Stockings help combat troubled feet, help you fall asleep more easily at night and stay asleep through the night, stops sweating at night and helps the appearance of legs and feet. They work by absorbing the acidity released overnight and can be used during the day is desired for as long as desired. They work by allowing the excretion of acids and toxic substances through the skin according to the principle of osmosis.