ASEPTA Laboratoires MONACO

ASEPTA Laboratoires MONACO

The Expert in Foot Care since 1946 ECRINAL Nail Crare MADE in MONACO For stronger and Fuller LASHES and BROWS - ECRINAL Against hair loss - for stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair - ECRINAL Fight against the ageing process - rejuvenation treatments - COUP D'ECLAT

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Since 1946


Nail - Hand - Foot - Eyelash- Hair Care - Skin Care Products


 ASEPTA Laboratories MONACO the Laboratory expert in dermo-pharmacy and leader in foot care.

Boosted by the success of AKILEINE®, their market leading line of foot care,  the ASEPTA laboratories are diversifying their ranges with new exclusive products for DIABETICS and ATHLETES.

As the emblematic brand of this Monaco-based laboratory, the AKILEïNE®, range of foot care treatments is popular with doctors and pharmacists all over the world.

Made with patented active ingredients containing Silk Lipesters®, this moisturising and anti-bacterial cream fights the appearance of calluses and rough skin while reducing hyperkeratosis and desquamations from the very first applications.

Founded by Paul Lacroix and Henri Mas in Monaco in 1946, ASEPTA is now a major on several markets: footcare with AKILEINE, nail and hair treatments with ECRINAL, beauty products with COUP D' ECLAT 

They benefit from the latest advancement in cosmeticand beauty research

All products are:

  • Non-toxic – each product undergoes a cutaneous tolerance test
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from natural raw materials
  • Not tested on animals
  • No Paraben
  • No Acetone
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Toluene

.ASEPTA Laboratories MONACO products are formulated under strict pharmaceutical and dermatological supervision to ensure their efficacy and safety.

Once formulated, rigorous physico-chemical and bacteriological control tests at all stages of manufacture are performed by

ASEPTA Laboratories MONACO : "Today we employ 150 persons and 50% of our production is exported. A worldwide presence reflects this growth with the creation of several subsidiaries that distribute our products in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, Canada, United States…"


AKILEÏNE BLUE RANGE - for dry cracked and callused skin



AKILEïNE® Hydra Defense (Video Clip)







CICALEÏNE® Restructuring Care for Cracked Skin on Hands and Heels.
Helps the healing process. Moisturizes and protects the skin from the first application.
Fights hyperkeratosis. Restores the lipidic film. Relieves inflammation.

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Most people relate the Akileine name to the care of dry feet and legs, but that is only the beginning of the story. Whatever your problem AKILEïNE® has the answer:


    Very rich in Omega 6 linoleic fatty acid (70%), this oil helps to protect the elasticity of the skin and to moisturize it while preserving its barrier function.
    Shea butter repairs, moisturizes and protects skin against harsh external factors thanks to its composition in unsaponifiable matter made of natural vitamins and phytosterol and its essential fatty acids content.
    We extract seeds from Camelina Sativa that contains an oil very rich in Omega 3 linolenic fatty acid (40%) and Omega 6 linoleic fatty acid (20%). These ingredients have anti inflammatory, hydrating and repairing properties for the skin.
    Centella Asiatica enhances skins regeneration and scarring. It also has veinotonic and anti edema properties.
    This plant comes from the Australian desert and can grow in such hostile surroundings thanks to its potency in potassium and DMSP (dimethylsulfopropionate). These constituents have the ability to let moisture into the cells and keep it there. ASEPTA laboratories use this property in all its formulas in order to give them an intense and longtime hydrating function.
    also called glycyrrhetinic acid 18 ß is a component of liquorice root that has outstanding anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
    Ginkgo Biloba activates blood circulation and prevents weakness of capillary vessels thanks to polyphenol. Besides it is an anti inflammatory ingredient.
    It is an exclusive and patented combination of silk amino acids, serine and fatty acids. Lipesters have repairing, hydrating, antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to restore the skin's moisture balance.
    These active vitamins fight against aging of the skin; however they are very fragile and can cause inflammation for sensitive skins. Therefore they are encapsulated in microspheres that skin's enzymes decompose over time. Result: their progressive liberation enhances their efficacy and tolerance.
    It is obtained by saponification of coconut or palm vegetable oils and it is an excellent hydrating ingredient for skin.
  • LAVANDER antiseptic, strengthening
  • CALENDULA OIL softening and hydrating
  • HORSE-CHESTNUT veinotonic, anti edematous
  • BUTCHER\'S BROOM enhances blood circulation


 I'm French, Spanish, Italian and now American and I know "Ecrinal products" for years, when I was living in Paris. I recall they are very efficient and I just went to your site on internet to find them. Easy... Thank you for providing them here in America. I wish it could be the same for all my other French products I enjoy and miss... Je vous renvoie toutes mes meilleures salutations en vous remerciant chaleureusement. -Liza.

Ecrinal Care for Nails, Lashes & Eyebrows

The number 1 line for nail treatments in the french pharmacy, ECRINAL is a repair line for weak and damaged nails.The Lash Gel and Mascara help to give long and thick eyelash.

100% Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Acetone Free, Toluene Free.

Whatever your concern, Ecrinal has the answer. Soft, splitting, brittle nails. Yellow nails. Uneven, ridged nails. Thin eyebrows and eyelashes.Nails have to be both supple and resistant. Ecrinal contains carefully selected ingredients which strengthen nails and have the ability to restore damaged fingernails. The same properties that help nail growth also stimulate hair growth, which is why Ecrinal is so good for eyelashes and eyebrows also. A safe, natural and healthy alternative for today's health-savy customers.