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 Heavy, tired legs and feet:   Compressive hosiery / Surgical stockings:  
 Dry skin:    HYDRO
 General skincare:    HYDRO
 Very dry skin:    EXTRA
 Diabetic footcare:    EXTRA
 Extremely dry skin:    FORTE
 Hard skin, callus, heel fissures:    FORTE
 Normal skin:    VITAL
 Mature skin:    VITAL
 Damp and sweaty feet:    FRESH
 Skin sensitive to fungal infections:    FRESH
 Footcare for active people and athletes:    FRESH



Callusan Cream Mousse HYDRO
Callusan Cream Mousse VITAL
Callusan Cream Mousse FRESH
Callusan Cream Mousse FORTE


Callusan Cream Mousse Display Pack 12 (3 of each) (125ml / 4.2oz

Callusan Cream Mousse - covers an entire range of foot care problems from DIABETIC FOOT to NORMAL FEET bulletdownload (4 fold) flyer
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  • highly effective
  • easy dosage
  • simple to use
  • quickly absorbed
  • pleasant / neutral scent
  • leaves no greasy traces
  • non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • skin functions are not impaired
  • up to 140 uses per can (125ml/4.2oz)


Callusan Cream Mousse - easy dosage, quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy traces

Applied regularly Callusan provides the optimum platform for successful treatment.Diabetes

For diabetics, foot care is no luxury but an absolute MUST. As a result of years with diabetes, many patients develop damages to the sensory and autonomous nerves (neuropathy). Also, circulatory disorders of small and large blood vessels are a common condition (micro- and macro angiopathy). These complaints also result in a number of skin conditions, which affect your feet with particular severity as the skin is subjected to great strains there.

As a result of this deficiency, the skin loses a significant amount of elasticity and resiliance. The usual skin functions, such as perspiration and transpiration, are also reduced, which leads to a failure of the regulation of your skin. Due to this fact, your skin appears dry.

Dry skin is not only unpleasant (itchy, unsightly) but it has also lost important protective functions. For instance, the barrier function is restricted, which opens the door to micro-organisms. Your skin becomes more sensitive to irritation, which diabetics should avoid especially because the immune system is often reduced.Callusan Cream Mousses offer the perfect solution:
the variants HYDRO and EXTRA were developed with the special needs of the skin of diabetics in mind: due to the novel format of dosage and the fact that no fatty base is used, the pores of your skin are not clogged up and the functions of your skin therefore remain intact.

Dry skin needs moisture, not fat. By using Urea, which can also be found as a water reservoir in normal skin, the Callusan Cream Mousses provide lots of moisture.

Because no colours or fragrances are used (HYDRO and EXTRA), the potential for allergens is reduced to a minimum. Of course, the Callusan Cream Mousses have been dermatologically tested and their success in skin care has even been confirmed by a clinical study.


... before Callusan FORTE

Before treatment with Callusan EXTRA

Applied regularly Callusan provides the optimum platform for successful treatment.

... after Callusan FORTE


After treatment with Callusan EXTRA


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