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Micromassaging Fabric!

solideabanner.jpgMicromassage's Hosiery soft and constant massage gives you a perfectly shaped and fit body.

The Legwear Collection

A luxurious collection of compression hosiery keeps legs energized and looking lean while never sacrificing style. Each of our innovative designs exerts more pressure at the ankle to encourage blood to flow up the leg, alleviating dilation, discoloration and painful complications. Available in an extensive range of classic and high fashion shades and patterns.



 Noticeably smoother!

" I wore them all day and noticed my thighs looked slightly firmer and smoother. I would continue to wear them to help smooth out my thighs and also as a body shaper"



 No more cellulite!

"Surprising research out of University of Milan found that simply wearing special support hose that apply gentle pressure to the thighs, smoothed stubborn lumps, dimples for 88% of women within 2 months. Study proven brands include Solidea Active Massage..."




  Sucks you in and lifts your rear!

"I'm particularly fond of the compression tights that give your rear a boost, sucks you in and lifts your rear."


The Alternative to the problems from the wait downward

The exclusive "wave" mesh of the fabric, with its special relief, has been confirmed effective by clinical tests. It uses natural body movements to micromassage skin and adipose tissue, stimulating microcirculation, and reducing the look of "orange peel".

Patented elastic hose active on cellulite. The graduated compression - decreasing to the thigh - massages, promotes blood microcirculation and venous return. It enhances the results of active mobilization and physical therapy. It prolongs the effects of mesotherapy. It can be worn at the ankle or under the heel.

wear Micromassaging Panty Line  for  sport, in the gym ... wear Micromassaging Panty Line  during everyday activities...

Ultimate long-lasting sports pants with patented micromassaging action. Wear for sport, in the gym or even during normal, everyday activities and experience micromassaging. Confirmed effective for the prevention and reduction of cellulite since it promotes microcirculation, tones the skin and shapes the body silhouette.Middle version patented elastic hosiery, with sanitary opening for post liposuction treatment.


Lipo-Compression Technology

Optimize reshaping and redefinition with the same powerful support prescribed after liposuction to boost circulation.

The science behind it:

For decades, doctors have prescribed compression garments to increase circulation, reduce water retention and swelling. Many believe that cellulite is caused by poor circulation in fat cells. Thus, by utilizing circulation-enhancing principles, our shapewear effectively reduces cellulite's appearance as it tones and defines.

What it is:

It's medical grade compression. Garments must provide an even amount of compression throughout their structure and meet a minimum compression level, measured in mmHg to be considered "medical grade." Most medical grade compression garments are 12 mmHg or higher.

What it does:

1. Designed to boost circulation in thighs and legs, reducing the appearance of cellulite while reshaping and redefining curves.

2. Optimizes athletic performance: The compressing action actually reduces fatigue, improves muscle endurance, strength and power

Balanced Uniform Compression

Refocus and retrain muscles for peak sports performance. Protect joints from injury and fatigue. Relieve stress and pain.

The science behind it:

Strengthening, supporting and protecting joints – like ankles and knees – is essential in sports or even everyday workouts. By improving circulation and muscle movement, balanced compression enhances performance and helps prevent sprains, injuries, pain and fatigue. If you have an injury, compressing by keeping the area supported and stable, actually speeds healing.

How it works:

Balanced Compression massages joints, energizes blood circulation, retrains and refocuses muscles to perform at their best. Stressed, overworked or injured areas get the safe support they need for comfort and rapid, full recovery.

Supportive design:

The sleeves' tubular construction slips over joint easily yet stays secure without slipping during movement.

Silver Ion Technology

The fresh modern solution to bacteria, odor and microbial buildup.

The science behind it:

Meryl® SkinlifE is a revolutionary fiber treatment that prevents the buildup of bacteria and odor for the life of the garment.

How it works:

Silver Ions in the fibers bond with substances, like perspiration, that bacteria feed on, so bacteria dies rather than reproduces and proliferates.

What it does:

By wearing our shapewear and legwear treated with Meryl® SkinlifE and Silver Ions, you'll feel fresher, more comfortable and more confident. It's the perfect choice for intense workouts, active days and hot humid weather.

Won't affect skin:

There is no migration of the bacteriostatic agent in the fabric to your skin, thus avoiding the possibility of an allergic reaction. Silver Ions are natural and safe for your skin and the environment.

Respects yourbody's natural balance:

A certain amount of bacteria on the skin is actually healthy and desirable. Meryl® SkinlifE fiber technology and Silver ions help maintain the natural balance of healthy bacteria even as they block buildup and odor.

3D Wave Massaging Knit

Whittles away inches, firms, tones and energizes using our patented body-sculpting fabric technology.

The science behind it:

Our micromassage wave knit fabric helps massage and free trapped toxins. It also stimulates up to 78% of sluggish lymph back into circulation. when toxins are removed, blood vessels and surrounding tissues are steadily nourished. Fat can then be burned as energy, resulting in fewer, smaller fat cells.

What it does:

Naturally resculpt and reshape trouble spots without surgery every time you work out. Combines micro massage fabric and medical grade compression design to reduce cellulite, trim inches, refine curves instantly.

Graduated Compression

Give tired, aching legs a rush of renewed, youthful energy. Hugs legs in all the right places to boost circulation.

The science behind it:

Using a sophisticated knitting technology, graduated compression hosiery hugs the ankle snugly, boosting the flow of blood back up the leg. The weave gradually becomes less snug as it reaches thighs, maximizing both comfort and circulation.

How it works:

With graduated compression, the closeness of the fit is greatest at the ankle so blood is kept moving upwards to nourish the heart. Weak veins function better because they are fully supported.


At every age, a common cause of tired, achy legs is from weak veins and blood pooling around ankles, slowing circulation. With graduated compression technology, legs get a boost of energy and feel less fatigued, even after hours on your feet. It's also the ideal solution to ease, support and even prevent spider or varicose veins.

Anti-Microbial Moisture Wicking Fabric Technology

The no-sweat solution to perspiration and odor control.

The science behind it:

Every body wants to feel fresh and clean. But perspiration is as natural and necessary as breathing. It is also the breeding ground for bacteria buildup which can lead to unpleasant odor. SANITIZED® - infused fabric wicks perspiration - which bacteria love to feed on - away from the skin before bacteria can get to it.

What it does:

SANATIZED® technology acts like a wick to draw perspiration away from the body, thus preventing bacteria from proliferating.

By wearing our SANITIZED® Anti-Microbial shapewear, you can feel fresher, more confident and cooler. It's the perfect choice for active days, intense workouts or hot, humid weather.

Aloe Vera Moisturizing Fabric

The revolutionary legwear knit that keeps legs silky-smooth and moisturized all day.

How it works:

Using sophisticated micro-encapsulation technology, tiny amounts of Aloe Vera are locked into airtight, waterproof micro-capsules. Bonded into the hose, the Aloe Vera is released instantly when the fabric is touched or rubs against the leg. Even after repeated wear and washing, the smoothing benefits remain.


Once released, the Aloe Vera helps revitalize, moisturize and soften skin so legs feel silky smooth. Aloe Vera also helps prevent odor and the buildup of microbes that can cause infections. Chafing, from fabric rubbing against skin, is minimized.

Plant of Immortality:

Since ancient times, Aloe Vera, an African plant, also known as the 'lily of the desert" and the "plant of immortality," has been used for its many benefits. It was one of Cleopatra's great beauty secrets. Alexander the Great used it to help heal his soldiers' battle wounds.

96 percent water, Aloe Vera leaves contain over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

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