A Brief Look At Dr Reinhard R Bergel

The Spa Encyclopedia: A Guide to Treatments & Their Benefits for Health & Healing

Dr. Reinhard R Bergel & Hannelore Leavy

The only guide to total well being and spa services: it will be the standard reference for
decades to come.

The Spa Encyclopedia is the first book that explains over 70 spa
treatments, their benefits and therapeutic powers for specific conditions.
This book examines the different types of spas - destination, resort, and day spas -- and explains exactly what visitors should expect from each.
The role of physicians and medical specialties in a "medical spa" are included, as well as an ongoing maintenance regimes. This book reveals the spa world and benefits it offers.

It also helps spa technicians, owners, managers, and health care professionals as well as physicians determine how best to help their clients, guests, and patients.

16-page, full-color, illustrated reference section, explaining each treatment - what happens during each treatment, which ailment or condition it is intended for, what the benefits are, and what are the counter-indications.
An appendix cross-references each treatment by ailments/conditions for easy searches. A Day Spa Directory, listed by state and province, tells the reader where to find bona-fide spas at home and on the road, cross-referenced by treatments offered

Author Bio/Affiliation: Dr. Reinhard Bergel is Founder and President of H-e-a-t Inc (Health-equipment-
accessories-training) Spa Kur Therapy Development, an international spa equipment, consultation and training
company based in Calistoga and San Diego, California.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: The Origin of the Spa
  • Chapter 2: Spas Today
  • Chapter 3: The Spa Treatments
  • Chapter 4: You, The Spa Client
  • Chapter 5: Water, Mineral, Herbal, and Essential Oil Bath Therapies
  • Chapter 6: Massage, Wellness, and Physiotherapies
  • Chapter 7: Steam Vapor Bath and Sauna
  • Chapter 8: Water Affusions
  • Chapter 9: Affusions under Pressure
  • Chapter 10: Showers and Steam Showers
  • Chapter 11: Kneipp Ablution
  • Chapter 12: Body Wraps
  • Chapter 13: Body Packs
  • Chapter 14: Hot Compresses
  • Chapter 15: Herbal and Mineral Body Masks and Wrap Therapies
  • Chapter 16: Exfoliation Treatments
  • Chapter 17: Body Hardening and Spa Kur Conditioning Therapies
  • Glossary
  • References