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Dr Reinhard Bergel - Consulting and Training Programs

Offers personal consultation and on site training in Clinical and Health Spa Centers around the world. You will find every facet of your Spa operation covered from financial and architectural review to spa management and staff training. H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development - Consulting and Training ...the implementation of a consultation project can be summarized in four phases...

H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development - Workshop Seminar and Training Topics include:

BALNEO-HYDROTHERAPY i.e. Baths and Showers, Sauna, Steam, Underwater Massage MINERAL BATH THERAPY i.e. Mud-Mustard-Milk Whey-Seaweed-Sea Salt-Herbal Baths, Herbal Wraps and Packs
KNEIPP WELLNESS PROGRAMMING Hydrotherapy Exercise Diet Relaxation
PELOTHERAPY i.e. Mud Baths, Mud Packs, Mud Wraps
COMPLETE DECONGESTIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY (CDP) Edema-Lymph Edema Compression Physiotherapy
APPLIED AND PRACTICAL TRAINING IN LYMPHOLOGY i.e. Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Lymphobiology Cleansing Slimming Detoxification

"Dr Reinhard R Bergel is far and away the most brilliant man I have ever met when it comes to treatments and therapies. His worldwide experience and knowledge on the medical, pampering, and beauty side of this business is boundless. His seminars are always in demand and his articles quite thorough." (by Zahira J. Coll - Founder & CEO of Resources & Development.>

Spa Kur Therapy Development and "BUILD-A-SPA" Financial Planning and Financial Analyses

With "BUILD-A-SPA" we: analyze square foot construction costs, rent and amortization Forecast your expenses and revenue Summarize square foot construction, cost, rent and amortization Project construction costs and operational costs Customize profit/loss report, investment and break even analysis. If you are considering a Spa Development or Expansion Project, you need to know the numbers. "BUILD-A-SPA" does them all, Cost Projection, Profit Projection, Payroll Projection, Break-Even Analysis, Cash flow Projection and much more.

Now "BUILD-A-SPA" can be used to analyze existing Spa/Salon, clinical Spa operations, find out where your money is going, find out the cost of treatments and which ones are the most profitable maximize the profitability of your existing operation.

BUILD-A-SPA" Background

Several years ago, H-e-a-t Inc Spa Kur Therapy Development found that unlike other industries, the Spa, Salon & Wellness industry doesn't seem to have any "norms", and therefore it is very difficult to build a "Projected Profit & Loss" statement. Different pay systems, different rent situations; different markets, etc make it near impossible to draw any conclusions from one project to the next. Even if the industry average were published, our belief is that they would be useless to draw any conclusions from.

With a few basic questions, like: construction cost per square foot, how much you pay, what method you pay, what services will you offer, how much will you charge etc. We can break your facility up into what we call modules; both revenue modules like hydrotherapy massage room or facial room, and expense modules like front desk and waiting area. These modules cover every sq. foot of the facility and then and cover set-up cost of each, month-to-month expenses of each and expected revenue of each. We can then give you a "gross profit per month" "returns on expenses" and a "break-even" stated in the form of "hours of treatment" for each module built.

We summarize the data and can "play" with the mix of treatments (for extensive "what if calculations") and analyze the whole operation. "BUILD-A-SPA" calculates revenue, expenses, profitability, set-up costs, square foot analysis, man loading, and comparison of treatment-to-treatment profitability, break-even analysis, cash flow etc.

It will also generate a "pro forma PROFIT & LOSS" in standard accounting format, but broken down into far more detail than most projected PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENTS. It gives you not just SERVICE AND RETAIL REVENUE and EXPENSES but also breaks them down by treatment. "BUILD-A-SPA" has been written about in trade magazines and business schools have made inquiries because they believe THIS method of analysis may be applicable to other industries.

You are invited to learn more about "BUILD-A-SPA" by visiting HEAT SPA DEVELOPMENT" where you will find more information and a downloadable demo. When we couple the power of our market analysis and "BUILD-A-SPA" a typical program for new projects might look something like this:


Assess demographic considerations to establish feasibility and positioning. Recommend market orientation and programmatic concept. Identify potential user profile and determine use patterns.

Phase One

Meeting with marketing representatives in order to analyze projected capture rate, customer profile and targeted market segment. Market survey, which will include a study of the competition and/or other facilities in geographical area that are servicing the same market segment. Recommendations on pricing of services, occupancy projection for the Spa and seasonal fluctuation will be proposed. Analysis of services offered in the area to determined which services would give a "unique" competitive advantage.


Assess profitability of each treatment. Determine the optimum size of facility.
Create financial pro forma based on above data.
Break-even & cash flow analysis.

Phase Two

The financial feasibility study will determine

Return on Expenses (for comparing the profitability of treatment to treatment)
Return on Square Footage (to compare the profitability of each foot)
Overview of Square Feet (to show where the footage is allocated)
Summary of Set-up Expenses (the cost of equipment and construction)
Payroll Expenses (for man-loading and cost estimates)
Break even Analysis
Cash flow Analysis, monthly and 5 year forward (if desired)
Projected PROFIT & LOSS, monthly & 5 year forward