Electric Thermal Blanket 220V


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  • Great versatility to adapt to a big variety of slimming, molding or resting body treatments
  • Capacity to combine cold, warm and hot zones in each treatment
  • Electronics sealed, which guaranties water proof to liquids, residues of treatments or sweat
  • Combination of fast and powerful heating with a controlled environment of high temperature
  • Better materials for its isolation that reduce the unnecessary escape of heat


  • Electric system of 3 independent regulators of temperature with range up to 6Oo C (+ -1O0 C)
  • Input 220 V; highest wattage 150W; frequency 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 1.87 x 2.45 mts. Its design includes a pillow for resting, extensive cover for feet and 3 holding straps of high security for the user
  • Made of plastic and synthetic flame retardant materials.