Swiss Cascade Shower System - Body Sprays Only


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The Swiss Shower unit has nine deluxe showerheads and does not include an overhead showerhead. Each one is separately adjustable for water flow direction and water pressure to accommodate the client's individual height and skin sensitivity. Swiss Shower units are used for full body cold/warm shower massages. They are most beneficial after a stay in the sauna or steam room, an herbal bath, herbal wrap, or a body massage.


The water temperature is regulated by state of the art thermostatic mixer that prevents extreme temperature changes when other water sources are in use.

Water temperature is changed instantaneously when selecting temperature setting on the dial.

Requires a minimum area is 2 sq. m or 18 sq. ft.

Installation plans available upon order.

Heat will work in conjunction with your architect and interior designer to create a facility that is functionally appealing.