Fortius 420


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With its introduction of theFortius 420 model, affectionately dubbed the "Baby Blue," hyperbaric medicine an accessible choice. This chamber provides an alternative modality for physicians to treat a broad range of hyperbaric indications-without the usual contraindications of high cost installations, pricey treatments, and complicated operation. At the same time, the compact design of theFortius 420 has been specially designed for the space-conscious office. 

  • Order/Ship/Install in less than one week 
  • Portable—Simple to move from one place to another 
  • Handsome Powder-coated Baby Blue Finish 
  • Three observation windows—1 ¼ inch polycarbon—8” diameter 
  • Roomy, comfortable interior 
  • Custom fit mattress 
  • Designed for ‘self treatment’ 
  • Mirror controls—both inside and outside 
  • Instantly change from a static air system to a flow through system and vice versa. 
  • Pre-determined or variable treatment pressures 
  • All medical grade components