Quamvis 320


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One of the newest additions the Quamvis 320. These PVHO compliant chambers are the most secure, portable, soft-walled chambers  on the market. Tested to over 30 psi., designed to be tough for situations that demand the added reinforcement, these chambers are intentionally over-build to be rugged, yet practical and comfortable with a choice of either a 27" or 32" diameter roomy interior. As the name "Quamvis" implies, this mighty chamber is all about giving the most flexibility for a variety of pressure protocols all in a portable design. 

  • Meets stringent performance specifications of PVHO-1 case codes 
  • Compliant to PVHO-1 non-mandatory appendix 
  • 4 psi portable mild hyperbaric chamber 
  • Pressure tested beyond 30 psi to exceed PVHO-1 safety requirements 
  • 44 oz. urethane with proprietary “SteelWeld” seams 
  • Extreme performance reinforcing ballistic nylon jacket with Lexan® 
    mix viewing windows 
  • External “SafeSet” buckling system for additional secure enclosure support 
  • Rigid external frame technology maintains form when deflated 
  • Medical pass-through—facilitates external device hookup 
  • Custom mattress—contoured to fit inside the chamber


  • Length: 93”
  • Diameter (inflated): 33” 
  • Inflated circumference: 109” 

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