Nail Growth Care w/ANP® 2+ 10 ml - .34 floz


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Product Benefits

  • Stimulates Nail Growth: Improves  (by 112%) Quality of New Growth After 1 month of use.
  • Improves Nail Hardness and Strength.
  • Reduces Apperance of Ridges and Striations.
  • Promotes Normal Growth of Spit Nails.
  • Kind to Cuticles.
  • Dosen't dry out nail edges.
  • Tested under dematalogical condtions.


Active Ingredients

  • Nail Growth Care w/ANP® 2+, Silicium, Pro Vitamin B5: Stimulate nail growth and reinforce, strength.
  • Horse chestnut, vitamins and Lupin lipopeptides: improve mircrocirculation.
  • Silk Lipesters, repairs and protect nail from bacterial and fungal infections.

Damaged, Brittle, Split & Bitten Nails

Nail grow by few milimeters per month, so results will not be visible before this.