Hair Ampoules with ANP 2plus40 Box of 8by8 X 5 ml


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Hair Loss, anaemic Hair


The ECRINAL® ANP® 2+ Ampoules stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. These ampoules are A.N.P. 2+ concentrate, which stands for: Natural Dander Activator (in French), an exclusively patented active ingredient by ASEPTA Laboratories made from vegetable oils. The ampoules just don’t fight hair loss, they also revitalize weak and anemic hair. Hair becomes healthy, shiny, and strong.


Apply an ampoule part by part, avoiding the hair. Gently massage the scalp. After 20 minutes of massage, rinse with the Ecrinal ANP® based shampoo.
For a deeper treatment, it is possible to leave the product in overnight.

The initial treatment is as follows:
- 1 application every other day for the first month
- 1 application every 3 days the second and third month
Full treatment with 5 boxes.


A.N.P® 2+ (Natural Hair Growth Activator)