Fusskraft Herbal Lotion 500 ml - 17.6 oz


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Disinfects and effective against various skin and nail conditions, Regular use softens hard skin. Refreshing and skin conditioning spray to deodorize and help prevent perspiration, burning and itching feet. Helps prevent foot fungus.

Effective ingredients: Alcohol, urea, panthenol, eucalyptus oil, oil of rosemary, lavender oil, orange oil, oil of mountain pine, farnesol, allantoin, bisabolol, undecylene aminopropyl trimonium methosulfate (UTM)

Application: Spray feet well once or twice daily and rub in.

Effects of product: For rapid foot comfort. Alcohol refreshes and deodorizes. Ideal for sport or as protection after swimming or taking a sauna. Cares for skin and nails. The essential oils stimulate blood flow and have a deodorizing effect. Allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol promote healing. Urea smoothes hard skin. UATM helps protect against fungal infections.

Suitable for diabetics - Dermatologically tested