Leg Vitality Balm w/pump 500 ml


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TIP: For vein problems or tired legs - apply a thick coat onto skin and wrap legs in saran wrap and elevate the legs for 15-20 minutes. Massage in balm and remove excess with a towel. This will help reduce the pain and inflammation. Provides an immediate feeling of freshness and fortifies the veins.

Effective Ingredients: Hamamelis, panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin, menthol, guaiazulene, climbazole

Application: Rub cream into the legs and feet once or twice a day.

Effects of product: Healing herbal extracts of hamamelis, chamomile and horse chestnut have a beneficial effect on skin disorders and inflammation and help to smooth the skin. The preparation deodorizes and refreshes. Climbazole helps prevent fungal infections, itching and blisters between toes. A gentle massage with GEHWOL leg balm strengthens the veins. Regular application helps to prevent dry skin, skin disorders, discolouration and premature aging of the skin. Guaiazulene has an anti-allergic effect.

Suitable for diabetics - Dermatologically tested