Med Protective Nail/Skin Oil 15 ml


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Effective ingredients: Wheat germ oil, panthenol, bisabolol, clotrimazole

Application: Apply to damaged areas once or twice daily.

Effects of product: High quality ingredients such as wheat germ oil, panthenol and bisabolol care for the skin and the nails. Clotrimazole helps prevent athletes' foot. The appearance and flexibility of broken nails are improved. Helps prevent inflammation.

  • Brittle and damaged nails regain a healthy sheen. The antimicrobial ingredients prevent nail wall inflammation, which can be caused by cutting of the cutticles.
  • GEHWOL Med Protective Nail/Skin Cream and Oil are ideal as post-manicure treatments.
  • Prevents fungal infections. Massage into cuticles and natural nail once or twice daily on a regular basis.