Med Salve for Cracked Skin 500 ml - 17.6 oz w/pump


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Tip: Massage well int the skin once or twice daily. For even quicker reflief, a warm, invigorating GEHWOL Foot Bath is recommended beforehand.

Effective ingredients: Lanolin, vaseline, medicated soap, panthenol, bisabolol, zinc oxide, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, oil of rosemary, menthol, camphor

Application: Rub cream into dry or cracked skin once or twice daily. In resistant cases, apply thickly and cover with cloth and keep moist with a plastic bag if necessary.

Effects of product: Ointment for severe hard skin, or very cracked, dry or rough skin. Protects skin and allows it to regain its natural elasticity and resistance. Helps to protect against the symptoms linked with cracked skin and inflammation. Menthol cools and refreshes. Zinc oxide has a mildly disinfectant effect.