Fusskraft Warming Bath 150 ml - 5.3 oz


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Long lasting thermic action. Excellent for cold feet and poor circulation.

Tip: The warming bath should be recommended in conjunction with the Fusskraft Red Cream as a daily treatment.

Effective ingredients: Oil of rosemary, vitamin E+B complex, extract of paprika, bath lotion base, emollients

Application: Highly concentrated - use 2 teaspoons fully diluted in one gallon of water. Add one measure to 3-4 liters of hot water and soak the feet in it for 10-15 minutes.

Effects of product: The high concentration of the active substances oil of rosemary, vitamin E+B complex and paprika extract have a lasting warming effect on cold feet. Feet are gently cleansed. The added emollients look after the skin. An additional warming effect can be obtained by rubbing into the feet one of the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Red creams.