Compression Bandaging Step By Step


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Compression Step by Step:  A practical guide to compression therapy for venous and lymphatic disorders.

Peter Staudinger 

Compression Step by Step is an instructive and practical compendium explaining more than 30 different types of bandaging techniques for extremities. This book coherently describes the scientific background of compression bandaging and introduces with practical texts and live illustrations the manifold application areas of compression bandaging. It also helps to distinguish between the terms long and short stretch bandages and gives technicians, health care professionals and doctors a guideline when to use what.

84 – page, full color, illustrated reference section, explaining each bandaging technique – in easy to follow steps.

A comprehensive explanation of the physics and the influence in compression therapy

Two chapters – chapter one: compression bandaging for venous disorders

Chapter two: compression bandaging for lymphatic disorders

All chapters provide a brief introduction into the subject, such as edema and edema management.

Author Bio

Peter Staudinger is Founder and President of TIPS, an international medical consultation and training company based in Tornesch / Germany.

Table of Contents:

Preface. Compression Bandages. Comparison – Extensible elastic / Extensible non-elastic. Definitions: Pressure – Pressure Gradient, Compression. Compression classes. Measuring points (Medical compression stocking). Progression of pressure (Medical compression stocking) Resistance, Stiffness, Stiffness factor. Practical chapter 1: Dorsum bandaging Edema version, Fischer Bandaging Technique, Fischer Alternative bandaging technique, Puetter Bandaging technique, Puetter modified, Schneider Bandaging technique, Sigg Bandaging technique, TIPS bandaging technique, Antidromic spiral technique, Zinc paste Bandaging Technique (Unna’s boot), Elastic bandaging technique, Soft elastic bandaging technique, Knee joint Bandaging technique, Thigh Bandaging technique. Practical chapter 2: Edema definition, Management of edemas, Single toes Bandaging technique, Skin protection, Circular padding, Forefoot with padding (Edema variation A – B), Ankle (Edema version A – B 1), Lower leg (Edema version B – D), Knee joint (Edema version D – F), Thigh (Edema version D – G), Unilateral hip (Edema version G – waist), bilateral hip (Edema version G – waist) Single fingers, Arm Padding, Forearm, Forearm Brace-version, Elbow Stabilizing version, Elbow Inward pulling bandage version, Upper arm, Armpit – shoulder dorsal view of a unilateral application, Armpit – shoulder Bilateral version.

ISBN 978-3-940020-02-4

2006, 84 Pages

17,5 x 25,7 cm, Soft cover