Aroma and Mud Bathtub


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The Hydrotherapy aroma tub is used for herbal/seaweed and mud baths which calms the nerves, relaxes muscles, nourishes the skin and revitalizes the body.

The oversized tub is contoured and is especially suitable for the larger than average person. The water consumption is no higher than that of a standard tub.

The tub is designed for durability and comfort. It is manufactured with a smooth scratch-proof surface made of polyurethane that is virtually maintenance free.

The tub is equipped with a hand held shower and an adjustable foot rest.


LENGTH: 1830 mm or 72 in
WIDTH: 830 mm or 33 in
HEIGHT: 685 mm or 27 in
WEIGHT EMPTY: 50 kg or 110 lbs.
WEIGHT FULL: 380 kg or 837 lbs.
CAP EMPTY: 330 l or 87 gal
WITH PATIENT: 250 l or 66 gal

  • Cold water feed line min 1" nom.
  • Hot water feed line min 1" nom.
  • Drain, stench trap min 4" must be installed
  • Cold and hot water safety valves

Note: Tub is to be installed with min 24" or 610 mm clearance all around. Tub transportation path min dimensions (hallways, doors): Width 1010 mm or 40 in, Height 2180 mm or 86 in, Required area 8 sq. meters or 80 sq. ft. H-E-A-T will work in conjunction with your architect and interior designer to create a facility that is functionally appealing.