Underwater Massage Tub with Water Air Jets and Massage Hose


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The Heat 6000 Under Water Massage Tub is durable and designed for client comfort.
It has a scratch-proof surface made of polyurethane, virtually maintenance free.

  • The Client lies in the tub and experiences a deep connective tissue hydro-massage.

  • The therapeutic effect comes from the relaxing warm water-pressure massaging deep lying muscle layers and subcutaneous tissues.

OPTIONS: Available in color combinations to match your decor, and with water jets arranged according to acupressure points along the backside of body. Portable steps making it easier to step into the tub are optional.

LENGTH: 2124 mm ( 83 in)
WIDTH: 1054 mm (41 in)
HEIGHT: 900 mm (35 in)
WEIGHT EMPTY: 135 kg  (297 lbs)
WEIGHT FULL: 735 kg (1620 lbs)
CAP EMPTY: 600 l  (158 gal)
WITH PATIENT: 520 l (137 gal)

Cold water feed line min 1" nom. 
Hot water feed line min 1" nom. 
Electrical service entrance (120/208V) single phase, 15 amp min, 30 amp max. 
Drain, stench trap min 3" must be installed 
Cold and hot water safety valves

Note: Tub is to be installed with min 24" or 610 mm clearance all around. Tub transportation path min dimensions (hallways, doors): Width 1010 mm or 40 in, Height 2180 mm or 86 in, Required area 8 sq. meters or 80 sq. ft.

Equipment Specifications - Cost and Profit Analysis

H-e-a-t. Inc will work in conjunction with your architect and interior designer to create a facility that is functionally appealing. (see: Spa-Kur Therapy Consulting)