Steam Sauna Cabinet - 110 V Ozone Ready


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The Steam Sauna Pro is ideal for steam therapy or for use with ozone therapy.

The Steam Sauna Pro is an easy to use, portable and durable personal steam sauna cabinet. It can be used in the home, in a gym, in a massage therapy business or in any other place a steam sauna may be useful. A Steam Sauna Pro in your home can save you money in the long run over going to a gym or therapist's office on a regular basis. If you own a business, you can profit by offering steam sauna sessions to your clients. It is made in the USA in Northwest Arkansas and is perfect for anyone wanting a quality, durable, low EMF steam sauna.

Great for Ozone Therapy

One big benefit of the Steam Sauna Pro is the ability to easily use it with Ozone Therapy. Because your head is not enclosed, inhaling ozone is minimal. If you're interested in using Ozone with steam, this sauna is ideal. An ozone port is included if chosen, which allows you to hook tubing from your ozone generator directly to the cabinet. Ozone will mix with the steam and circulate throughout the sauna. We recommend wrapping a towel around your neck before getting in to keep ozone and steam from leaking out around your head.

All about the Steam Sauna Pro Cabinet

For home use, you'll have a completely self-contained unit ideal for a relaxing steam sauna at the end of a long day. For commercial beauty salons, your investment in the Steam Sauna Pro can pay for itself in a short time, depending on how much you charge and how many clients you have. This is because the costs of owning and operating a Steam Sauna Pro are very low, and because it is easy to maintain, it can be used frequently for multiple clients.

The Steam Sauna Pro does not need plumbing. You simply pour approximately seven liters of water into the stainless steel reservoir under the seat and plug the sauna into a 110 volt outlet (overseas customers will need a step down transformer). The thermostat has 10 temperature settings and a 60 minute timer. It will automatically shut off when the reservoir is empty to protect the stainless steel element.



Why use a steam sauna?

Steam therapy can be very beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are some of the benefits our customers have reported. Steam inhalation can be effective for treating respiratory conditions like the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies and asthma. Steam can relieve inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes, throat irritation and spasmodic breathing, can loosen secretions like a natural expectorant, works to relax muscles and relieve coughing, and can keep mucous membranes from becoming too dry.

-May increase white blood cell formation.
-Relieves minor muscular aches and pains.
-May help to prevent injuries by increasing muscular flexibility.
-May increase circulation and metabolism.
-May improve skin and body tone.
-Hydrates dry skin.
-Relieves stress, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

A 10 minute steam sauna session warms the body, increases circulation and relaxes muscles. For aromatherapy, put water-soluble essential oils in the water and the fragrance will gently rise with the steam. The combination of steam saunas and fragrance can greatly increase your level of relaxation.