Steam Sauna Cabinet Digital Remote Control - 110 V Ozone Ready


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  • Conveniently placed wheels make it easy to move
  • Simply tip the unit back to engage wheels for easy transporting
  • Lightweight weighs only 79 lbs


  • No plumbing required. Aluminium vent located under the seat allows easy pouring of water into 3 quart reservoir
  • Convenient size conserves valuable space. Easy to clean, very little maintenance required

Easy to operate controls, includes a thermostat with 10 temperature settings, a 60 minute timer that shuts off automatically when time has run out or water has evaporated.
Fiberglass seat is adjustable to accommodate different heights and is easy to clean!


  • Heating element is fully enclosed
  • Underwriters Laboratory approved UL
  • Made in USA

One (1) year limited Warranty