Hydrocollator Mobile Unit Only M-4-4


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Aromatherapy is a science and an art that uses natural fragrant essential oils as an aid to good health and subsequent beauty.

  • Throughout the centuries, these aromatic oils, whether used in baths, sauna, or massages have contributed to people's sense of well being.
  • Essential oils are oily, volatile substances. They are highly concentrated extorts that contain vitamins, hormones, antibiotics and antiseptics. When used is massage oils, or with warm baths, these oils are absorbed through the skin inducing deep relaxation that reduces stress, tension, and muscular aches.
    In herbal wraps, they are essential in drawing toxins out of the body and in treatment areas, oils are used in diffusers to create a clean healing atmosphere.

The whole Aromatherapy experience aids in relaxation, stimulation, helping sore muscles, poor circulation, even abetting jet lag, offering quick and effective mind and body management.

Heat M-4 Herbal Wrap System (services 6-12 Treatment Rooms)
Heat M-4-4 Hydroculator Only (Mobile)

1 M-4 Hydroculator
1 Mobile Cart
2 Stainless Steel Containers
4 Wool Blankets
12 Herbal Linen Sheets
4 Metallic Wrap Blankets
1 Tongs
2pr Rubber Gloves
2dz Muslin Bags
15lb Herbal Blend

Area of Use:
Herbal Wraps are used to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, and revitalize the skin. The system includes everything you need to get started right away.
Operation manual is included with your order.