Kneipp Hydrotherapy Foot Bath


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The Hydrotherapy Foot Bath is used for alternating and contrast temperature baths.

Contrast foot baths are used to stimulate local circulation in limbs without obstructive vascular pathology.

Available in 20 color combinations.

This tub is designed for durability and comfort. It is manufactured with a smooth scratch-proof surface made of polyurethane that is virtually maintenance free.

Equipment Specifications

Warm baths may be taken with herbal additives such as balm mint, chamomile, lavender, meadowflower or pine needle.

Technical Data:

WIDTH: 812 mm or 32 in
DEPTH: 508 mm or 20 in
HEIGHT: 558 mm or 22 in
WEIGHT: 15 kg or 33 lbs.

CAPACITY: 70L or 18.5 gal.

Note: Required minimum area for the Hydrotherapy Foot Bath is 2 sq. m/15 sq. ft

1 Cold water feed line 3/4"
2 Hot water feed line 3/4"
3 Mix Water line .5"
3a Thermometer connection
4 Corner valves .5" w/ hose connector, (hoses not shown)
5 Drain, stench trap min 3" must be installed

Heat will work in conjunction with your architect and interior designer to create a facility that is functionally appealing. (see: Spa-Kur Consulting)