Exfoliating Mask w/Cocoa & Grape Seed Oil 15 g - 0.53 oz


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Cleanses the pores and makes dull and tired skin more radiant.
This mask gently warms up and relaxes the skin.
The heating effect opens the pores to allow deep cleansing and to facilitate the ingredient’s activity. 

Kaolin purifies the skin while thin cocoa bean shells gently exfoliate and remove dead cells that dull the complexion.

Rich in vitamin E, polyphenols and essential fatty acids, Cocoa and Grape Seed act in synergy to fight free radicals and restore radiant and healthy skin.

Instructions for use

Dampen the face with water and apply the mask. Leave on for
10 minutes, then gently rub the skin with circular movements. Rinse off with fresh water.


Cocoa beans
Grape seed oil