Face Lift Beauty Ampoules 8H box of 12 x 1 ml


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For instant Beauty & Radiance Eliminates Signs of Facial Stress. 
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- Immediate lifting effect 
- For Softer, Smoother & Firmer Skin 
- Adds Radiance
- Diminishes Wrinkles 
- Maintains & Extends Make-Up Formulated With Natural Botanical Extracts. Millions Sold Worldwide.

Active Ingredients:

This patented active ingredient gives a relaxing action on the fine lines in the skin, creating a quick smoothing effect on expression lines (Botox-like effect). The muscle relaxant effect made by Acmella Oleracea works quickly and lasts several hours: in just a short time, micro-tensions in the skin fade away and the face appears relaxed


The most important ingredient extracted from Acmella Oleracea is Spilanthol. This active molecule inhibits contractions of the subcutaneous muscles most notably in the face reducing wrinkles through its facelift-like action.


The reinforced smoothing action is created by a Biopolymer of Sweet Almond Proteins. This patented ingredient forms a continuous, elastic and smooth film which firms the skin just as after a face lift. Results in an immediate tensing and ‘stretch’ effect.

Creates a strong but flexible network on the skin's surface. This gives an immediate tightening effect to the skin giving additional elasticity and tone generally found in more youthful skin. Encourages the efficacy of collagen and provides the skin with adequate nourishment. Anti-wrinkle and anti-free radical properties protect the skin.