Fusskraft Red Rich Refill 450 ml


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A warming balm for normal skin - revives tired, worn out, aching feet. Helps prevent frostbite and color changes to feet related to cold. Skin friendly emollients invigorate skin, keeping it soft and supple. Apply to feet after a warm foot bath for better results.

Effective ingredients: Skin friendly emollient cream base. Oil of rosemary, oil of mountain pine, lavender oil, camphor, extract of ginger, extract of paprika, farnesol, climbazole.

Application: Rub in GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT red cream once Application or twice a day to treat cold feet.

Effects of product: The gentle emollient cream base cares for normal foot skin. The active substances oil of rosemary, camphor, extracts of ginger and paprika stimulate blood flow and have a lasting warming effect on cold feet. The climbazole in the cream helps prevent fungal infections of the feet and nails and the farnesol has a lasting deodorizing effect.

Dermatologically tested